God made me do it.

So- yesterday.. for some reason, I just got a burst of energy, burst of light, and a burst of words.. and decided. that it would be the last day I'm not 100% true to me.. for some reason i felt like i needed to express all these thoughts via bbm with my bff, ( or somehow my words may have disintegrated into thin air lol. or not) at that moment.

I sit at my desk at this 9 to 5 all day. reading all the excerpts from the minds of some extremely creative people. yet i don't truly feel like i fit in with them to a "t". whats weird is.. I'm just as expressive, just as creative, but the difference between them and me is, they are 100% true to themselves, 100% true to their craft and 100% true to their passion.

I told my bff that we need to say. F everything that doesn't fit us 100%. No more Censoring!!!!!! NO more fitting into the world, the world needs to fit with us.

I want to walk around like Def Sound. lol. like Lisa Bonet, like Lenny Kravitz, Kanye, Travis McCoy MK olsen, you catch my drift.

People will no doubt have their opinion, they'll say and do what they need to, They'll dress how they feel is "in" is "cool" is "trendy"...

But I'm me.... here's some photos to you in my mind set... luv you Bri. two leaves just blew over..

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