Independent Women Quotes


"The strength of women comes from the fact that psychology cannot explain us. Men can be analyzed, women merely adored" - Oscar Wilde

"Become the change you want to see - those are words I live by. " - Oprah Winfrey

"Think like a queen. A queen is not afraid to fail. Failure is another steppingstone to greatness. " - Oprah Winfrey


it just felt right today. . patience is a virtue. .


:: inspiration of the day ::


bohemian rhapsody…. this picture just makes me want to do sun salutations for 3 hrs…(my yoga jargon). .

the blue print . .

tho its been a minute.... mind boggling instances send me back to my original form of creative expression, threadsnthoughts.
the idea of "planning" for my life in the fashion industry has held me up until this point, yet i dont really feel that I have released my creative being in a lonnnnnnnng time.
doesnt matter now, IM FOCUSED MANN (sean carter's voice)

take a look into my creative cohesiveness....

menswear is always a look that will be current for me.
how can u go wrong with this look!!

sexy at its best.

this reminds me of nyc nights after la bottega...

boots and ____

1930's coco chanel inspired hats...

almost everyone can pull off this look

not to mention oversized bf tees
(and of course barely there cut offs)..

im obsessing over anything layered, vertical, and colorful..

all saint "amarante" military boot!!! another obsession boots boots

and more boots

the harem pant/hammer pant
whatever you want to call it,
these pants make me smile :)
although i only own two pairs
im currently building a collection of the chicest ones i can find.

*** bonus*** im currently working on a junction of my own version of harem pants/jumpsuit. the finished product will be displayed on blogger and dssence.bigcartel.com


current obsessions


you are, the only exception. . .



ready or not

2 days. .
and counting...
if you know me, u know that i live for fashion..
and to now be able to wear all my ishh that i cant in CALI!



to go.



3 months in...

so. 3 months into the new year. new decade. . and new opinions and changes have already started emerging in my life.

i'm beginning to feel like my personal growth has happened without my knowing (IF thats even possible). . And as of this past week, i feel like people in my life, are either going to hop on the good foot, or get left in the dust. . .

so with that said....

gotta keep it moving..


the truth about Diamonds. . .

nicole richie has been one of the influential ladies in my life for a while now. . so i wanted to pay tribute to this fellow virgo. . ( along with moms, Beyonce, and myself)
Thank you Mrs. Richie-Madden

*** when is the pilot going to start??!*** for those that dont know, Nicole is soon going to be shooting a pilot for abc based around the life of a young professional woman, who is learning to balance family life with her business.. i cant wait!!!!

Im still waitin for another season of " The Simple Life"


Series of Events Pt2 COACHELLA 2010

series of events part 2.
COACHELLA! 04.16-18

excited isnt the word.. looking fwd to relaxation.good music. and Quality Time with a long awaited someone...

amazonian. .

I've been a little over obsessive over certain eclectic styles recently. layers and layers and of embellishments, faux fur, linen and of course military inspired pieces.

here's what i compiled.