ready or not

2 days. .
and counting...
if you know me, u know that i live for fashion..
and to now be able to wear all my ishh that i cant in CALI!



to go.



3 months in...

so. 3 months into the new year. new decade. . and new opinions and changes have already started emerging in my life.

i'm beginning to feel like my personal growth has happened without my knowing (IF thats even possible). . And as of this past week, i feel like people in my life, are either going to hop on the good foot, or get left in the dust. . .

so with that said....

gotta keep it moving..


the truth about Diamonds. . .

nicole richie has been one of the influential ladies in my life for a while now. . so i wanted to pay tribute to this fellow virgo. . ( along with moms, Beyonce, and myself)
Thank you Mrs. Richie-Madden

*** when is the pilot going to start??!*** for those that dont know, Nicole is soon going to be shooting a pilot for abc based around the life of a young professional woman, who is learning to balance family life with her business.. i cant wait!!!!

Im still waitin for another season of " The Simple Life"


Series of Events Pt2 COACHELLA 2010

series of events part 2.
COACHELLA! 04.16-18

excited isnt the word.. looking fwd to relaxation.good music. and Quality Time with a long awaited someone...

amazonian. .

I've been a little over obsessive over certain eclectic styles recently. layers and layers and of embellishments, faux fur, linen and of course military inspired pieces.

here's what i compiled.