Ashtanga > beginning to end

...what this week yields...

fast moving fingers and toes.

no time to remember to eat.

above all else
thru all the chaos... end with the tree pose..
serenity and ashtanga will begin and end my trip....


daily dosage>> mixed signals


Alexander McQueen took his own life today; he leaves behind not only tremendous fashion followers, but a legacy of timeless collections. . . He will truely truely be missed. . 2010. . what else is in store for this world.
I wanted to take the rest of my week and show just what influences he has had on my creativity, and the visionary collections,and influences he's made on some of my idols as well.
enjoy. safe passage.


lifes a beach... dssence 2010 tank collection

my lines summer 2010 tank collection...
for more info; contact me @: sharnell@dssence.com


steel magnolias

where hard meets soft. .

daily dosage>> matthew willamson pre-fall

the next level

there are sooo many bloggers and even more fashion bloggers now. . Im trying to figure out how people like "karla's closet" and Jane of "sea of shoes" got to that next level and reach so many people around the world..... hmmmm Im going into deep meditative thought this week to see what needs to be done for threadsnthoughts to get to that level. . .