you inspire me...

Vic Becks.... this woman sleeps in heels... :) adore her...

Thr truth about Diamonds. and How to keep it 100% all the time award goes this woman> Nic Richie!

Abbey... shes my new Jessica Stam... get to know her..

Black Model Mayhem! Chanel, Sessilee, Jourdan, and Arlenis... ahhh another sigh of relief for Fashion! Get it Girls!

Ms. Vashtie Kola.. up and coming and inspiration to me on a creative level.. get to know her!

my favoritest twins ever! MK and AOlsen.... they wake up inspiring me.. they dont even know 23 and multi-billionaires.. i love it!

ahhhh GAGA. a sigh of relief for Music and Fashion heads all around. Creativity is Back!!

dree hemingway.. new edition to my inspi-rators. lol

my alter Ego... Mrs. Beyonce Giselle Knowles-Carter yaaaay :) i luvvvvv her! *everyone can vouch for that.*

Theee one and only... Gabrielle "coco" Chanel> i betcha dont know why they call her Coco....

some of the women whom have continued to inspire me everyday..
* in addition to my mom of course :)
** just a lil insight into my brain tonite.. getting ready for a girls nite at Ketchup in West Hollywood for my lil sis' bday.. bye for now bloggerrr...

current obsessions.... decemberrrrrrrr

so i know december isnt necessarily so cold in Cali.. but hey! let me imagination that we have four seasons here.... if we did.. and sh*t although we dont.. this is what my winter wardrobe would look like.. he he he..

** not to mention i wore a knee length fur vest to a club two weeks ago. lol every 1 said i was crazy till they realized the club was outdoor :)


love is... the soundtrack of my life

so. it seems like; the recent days of my life have changed dramatically... to win and to lose seem to be the same thing at the moment. and although i have soooo much to say; i cant seem to put it into words and express them.
my friends think im being distant
my mom thinks im overly depressed
yet you and i know its more than depression....
its sadness, its anger, its optimisim, and disappointment...

the only things that seem to help me as always; are music and images;
someday someone can appreciate these things with me.. i hope his name is scottie (aka kid cudi)

the Script-break even

One Republic- Apologize

i will forget you...

as you will me..- coco chanel


with new obsession comes... inspiration

sooo. im sure you can now realize my current obsession is with

The Gaga Monster

not only because of her creative genius mindset; but her love of fashion intrigues me.

I luv people whom luv fashion; as an artform ( not just love of fancy clothes) .

I truly believe the fame monster has opened up many artists and designers creative treasurechests and inspired...

sunday fashion smashion

Daria. . . always unbelievable. . .
Epitome of "Super Model"

the school girls knee boots. . .

Rih Rih... shes back. and blonde?


in disguise... but not really hiden

i surrender.....

today; in so little words; i began my.... journey as you will, to surrender myself... i give up the power or the thought that i had the power in the first place. I give up the draining energy drivers that I have continued to let dictate my life for this year. I can only put in words these things for this time. because after today; i will push myself not to speak of those who which add to these factors. i am.. thou art... thou art... i am...

face to face with that which has no beginning and no end...

of course it wouldnt be a post without some images to back up my current mood; mindset; likeness..

enjoy and goodnite blogger;


... all work... and no play..

blogger how ive missed theeeee!!!
my thoughts and threads have both been thru three different rollercoasters; not to mention moving; new jobs; parties; ambitious business moves; all within 2 months of not release unto you... so let me (try) and put my creative energy at the same place as my current state of mind...

To sum it up; here are some images/words to put you where i am at the moment...

Current music obsession:

the Blueprint 3

Man on the Moon; End of the Day

  • Anything Lady Gaga.. lol

  • Especially the Papparazzi video (UH-mAze-ing)

Current reading obsession:

The Satorialist- fashion still life

  • Anything WWD or the Cal Apparel news releases

Current fashion obsession:

Alexander Wang's Tokyo street sunglasses (in every color please)

    Alice + Olivia for Payless wedge strappy boots

Black denim from Jbrand

  • androgynous wool or acryllic cardigans