you inspire me...

Vic Becks.... this woman sleeps in heels... :) adore her...

Thr truth about Diamonds. and How to keep it 100% all the time award goes this woman> Nic Richie!

Abbey... shes my new Jessica Stam... get to know her..

Black Model Mayhem! Chanel, Sessilee, Jourdan, and Arlenis... ahhh another sigh of relief for Fashion! Get it Girls!

Ms. Vashtie Kola.. up and coming and inspiration to me on a creative level.. get to know her!

my favoritest twins ever! MK and AOlsen.... they wake up inspiring me.. they dont even know 23 and multi-billionaires.. i love it!

ahhhh GAGA. a sigh of relief for Music and Fashion heads all around. Creativity is Back!!

dree hemingway.. new edition to my inspi-rators. lol

my alter Ego... Mrs. Beyonce Giselle Knowles-Carter yaaaay :) i luvvvvv her! *everyone can vouch for that.*

Theee one and only... Gabrielle "coco" Chanel> i betcha dont know why they call her Coco....

some of the women whom have continued to inspire me everyday..
* in addition to my mom of course :)
** just a lil insight into my brain tonite.. getting ready for a girls nite at Ketchup in West Hollywood for my lil sis' bday.. bye for now bloggerrr...

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