H!GH waist low Waist and everything in between...

Trying to jump on the shorts trend this season but just haven figured the best way to pull it off....

I put together some of my fav looks from Runway to South American Street Style rocking the latest and greatest in short silhouettes this season... Make sure you break out your Venus shaver, or your local Sugar Wax bar to keep those gams in tip top shape!!! Spring nor Summer doesnt wait around for anyone

The HIGH waist short

Dressed up or Dressed down

These shorts are DEFINETELY for fashion fwd and daring girls..

The Mens-Wear inspired short

These flouncy and light weight shorts work for practically every silhouette... Not to mention, they easily go from DAY to NIGHT.

The Boyfriend Short ** the easiest to wear **

The Boyfriend or Ex BF short is the easiest of all shorts to wear. The relaxed fit and destruction works well on all body types. Plus Grundge is in :)

Where i shop for this trend: www.madewell.com , www.ae.com , www.shopbop.com


::Current Obsession::

soooo i've been obsessing over positive energy iconography for a while now.

Everything from Arabic script, to the Hamsa hand, Armenian proverbs, and Indian goodluck elephants. Im thinking of translating all of them from ink to skin.

* starting with my 1st one, arabic saying of "insha'allah"

meaning::::: God willing (or Allah)
** already done-zo**

tribal elephant

.the hamsa and evil eye protector.

.Japanese kanji symbols.

.japanese cherry blossoms.

as of now none of them relate to my original thoughts of design related tatts.. butttt eventually :)

its been a long time... i shouldnt have left you :)

two mths in.. and im back on my blogging grind :) with a little help from the new entities in my life, i have alot of creative energy to release. The year of the Rabbit is intense so far, and with that let me share some of my endeavors ive been working.


------Made in Hollywood Photoshoot-----

here are some shots from my last shoot in 01.2011
** all of the collection was based on the basic jumpsuit

** the ruched waist harem pant jumpsuit **

** off the shoulder cut out back jumpsuit **

** the corset jumpsuit **

** The pintuck sleveless jumpsuit **

Im happy to say, ALL of these jumpsuits are available on my website for purchase now!!