love is... the soundtrack of my life

so. it seems like; the recent days of my life have changed dramatically... to win and to lose seem to be the same thing at the moment. and although i have soooo much to say; i cant seem to put it into words and express them.
my friends think im being distant
my mom thinks im overly depressed
yet you and i know its more than depression....
its sadness, its anger, its optimisim, and disappointment...

the only things that seem to help me as always; are music and images;
someday someone can appreciate these things with me.. i hope his name is scottie (aka kid cudi)

the Script-break even

One Republic- Apologize

i will forget you...

as you will me..- coco chanel


with new obsession comes... inspiration

sooo. im sure you can now realize my current obsession is with

The Gaga Monster

not only because of her creative genius mindset; but her love of fashion intrigues me.

I luv people whom luv fashion; as an artform ( not just love of fancy clothes) .

I truly believe the fame monster has opened up many artists and designers creative treasurechests and inspired...

sunday fashion smashion

Daria. . . always unbelievable. . .
Epitome of "Super Model"

the school girls knee boots. . .

Rih Rih... shes back. and blonde?


in disguise... but not really hiden

i surrender.....

today; in so little words; i began my.... journey as you will, to surrender myself... i give up the power or the thought that i had the power in the first place. I give up the draining energy drivers that I have continued to let dictate my life for this year. I can only put in words these things for this time. because after today; i will push myself not to speak of those who which add to these factors. i am.. thou art... thou art... i am...

face to face with that which has no beginning and no end...

of course it wouldnt be a post without some images to back up my current mood; mindset; likeness..

enjoy and goodnite blogger;